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Collagen powder good after workout?

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I am already taking collagen powder (beef collagen hydrolysate) as part of my daily supplement regimen for another purpose: bone-building. Can this double as my protein powder after work-outs? From what I am reading, it is a complete protein. And the hydrolysate form makes it readily absorbable. I hesitate to add whey protein powder on top of this to my daily supplement regimen because I don't want too much concentrated protein. Am concerned about burdening kidneys. I may already have additional burdens on kidneys.

I am a 63-y-o woman with the start of osteoporosis and am addressing it with exercise, diet and some supplements, but not the osteo drugs (which do more harm than good). My workouts are not massive at this point. But I am doing what I can daily and improving week by week.



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Wow. I'm so inspired! I don't actually know the answer to your question, but maybe someone else does. aaudrab, MrNiceGuy, HASHISmom34 ??

Thanks Joel. How do you tag people like you just have in your reply to me. What do you type to make that happen?

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No problem! You type the 'at' symbol followed by a username like this: @examplename. That will bring up a list of users that match the characters you have typed and you can select the one you're looking for.


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Greetings All-

I am a 50 year old and have neck arthritis- one of the natural forms of Collagen is Bone Broth-- I make it myself and swear by it- It has warded of any need for medication which I don't believe in and since I have been "BROTHING" :) the only pain in my neck I have is from workouts--good pain! - ( let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food- hippocrates )

look here for a good recipe but basically, get a organic whole chicken add all your spices and veges and simmer that baby-- I do 12 hour simmer, but a lot of people do overnight :

try that before using supplements. Also look if you have a chance watch this documentary it was offered free last month, nit sure if you can still watch it free here but you can get it on Amazon:

Food Matters:

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I do bone broth too. excellent stuff! i don't always have it on hand tho. i want collagen every single day and in uniform amount for my current bone density protocol. but yes to bone broth! it works fine if i roast an organic chicken every week and then make broth from the carcass & bones. but sometimes i go a while in between roasting chickens.

kim :)

So what did you find out and what did you decide to do for Collagen Sup?

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I decided that hydrolized collagen supplement would be excellent for post-workout quick protein to help body build/rebuild muscle. However, I am not big on supplements in general, and am worried that too much collagen can burden kidneys and even plug up tiny filtering tubules in kidneys (because it is a glue, essentially, and useful for bone-building which is why I am taking it). So I am doing very low dose - about 2-5 g daily instead of the recommended 10 g daily.