How do you track your progress?

How do you track your progress?

I just do a lot of flexing in the mirror... No, not really.

My method is incredibly simple and unsophisticated, but it seems to be working so I've stuck with it.

As I said in another post ( ) I am essentially doing an ABA BAB pattern. So, as simple as it sounds I have four different notes in the notes application of my iPhone labeled Workout 1, Workout 2, Workout 3, and Workout 4. Each note has the exercise listed and how much I lifted last time.

I've tried to use apps that are specifically designed for tracking lifting progress, but I just haven't found anything as simple as this.

I think the reason that this has worked when other methods have failed is that I always have my phone with me anyway so I'm unlikely to accidentally forget it at home or at the office.

Anyway, I'm interested in knowing what others do and what you've tried!

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  • I tried various notepad-type apps, I too believe the solution should be quite simple, but I would also love the ability to sync my workouts across different devices (I have an iPhone and Windows/Linux desktops, so that's quite hard to do). Google Keep looked promising but the apps are terrible so I'm back to square one. I will keep looking and keep updating my answer here.

  • I use the notes app aswell - I don't record everything just key numbers so that I can make sure I push myself each session.

    For running - I use Runtastic.

  • I probably got the idea from you! (not to mention the plan I'm using!)

  • I don't really track mine at all, only check weights every fortnight or so. I should really get into the habit though, it would be much better

  • Yeah I think it's a great way of pushing yourself. Your previous lift becomes the minimum you should do.

  • That's over a period right? I mean, if you're able to deadlift 50 kg 8 reps 1st set, then 55 next and 60 the last then, say, after a week you start your first set with 60kg? I guess it depends on how comfortable you are with the weights too (obviously, by comfortable, I mean close to not being able to lift!)

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