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Cat3333Restart April 2021

So week 1 completed on my dietchef plan, followed it religiously, only adding fruit & veg as required and no cheating at all - and I've put ON 2lbs !!Kept a food diary logging everything. How on earth ??? This is what always happens then I think what's the point and end up chucking it. How can this happen ? I'll stick with it but it's so disheartening

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I had to google dietchef. If you're referring to dietchef.co.uk, it appears to be a completely standard very-high-carbohydrate, low-fat, calorie-controlled plan, so it's not really surprising it's having no effect (I doubt you've actually put any weight on, though: 2lb is too small a number to be meaningful).

With a few exceptions, the dietchef meals are very fattening (or more precisely, they're fattening for people who are already overweight). The fact that the portions are child-sized is irrelevant; all that will happen is that your body will adapt to the food shortage by holding onto bodyfat (on the assumption that a food shortage is coming - under those circumstances, discarding bodyfat could amount to a suicide strategy).

Losing weight really isn't hard, but there are lots of companies whose business model is based on convincing customers that it's really difficult and only they can solve the problem.

By all means stick with it for a while if you need to prove to yourself that it doesn't work, but please don't double down on something that can't possibly end well. Your body isn't broken. All it needs is proper food, and it'll be able to fix what's gone wrong. Proper food means vegetables, meat, eggs and dairy, in adult-sized portions. Buy minimally-processed ingredients and avoid things in packets. You'd be well advised to stay away from starch-based meals for a while (eat more veg instead) to give your metabolism a chance to step back from its current dysfunctional state; then, as your weightloss kicks in, you'll find that you'll be able to trust your appetite to want the right things, and it'll all become effortless.

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Cat3333Restart April 2021 in reply to TheAwfulToad

God I've spent a small fortune on this stuff too ! I hate cooking and thought this would be ideal, I'm so disappointed. I'm also vegetarian, judging by my fitness pal info I'm falling short on protein each day. I wonder if I should just send it back

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Hopewhispers1 stone in reply to Cat3333

The protein is kind of hard to achieve goal wise initially, I found that too but its something to work on when u can as the protein will help u feel full for longer and stave off hunger. I'm using fitness pal too and its great to be thinking along the lines of macro nutrients as its helping to get u thinking that its not just about eating a certain amount of calories in a day.I've learned from experience where I ate all the carbs I wanted irrespective of protein and I was hungry each night and couldn't stay within my calorie recommendation. People say calories are equal but in my experience the nutrition does matter.

Remember too that this is a learning curve when ur trying to lose weight, maybe dietchef works for people but whats important is what's working for you? You are the one that matters here, not x y or z persons experience.

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Hopewhispers1 stone in reply to TheAwfulToad

Great advice im going to take it on board too

I'm not familiar with diet chef, are the meals calorie counted or how does it work?

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Nice to see you haven’t lost you your sense of humour 👍

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Cat3333Restart April 2021 in reply to Arthrath

Arthrath if I dont laugh I'll cry 😊🙈

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Hi would you like to join us on our weigh in? Here's the link, hope to see you there! :-) x


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