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diarrhoea for the past 7days


Hi I’m new and hoping for advise has for the past 7days I have had diarrhoea feeling very weak to were I feel like I’m going to pass out I keep getting strange feelings in my full body I’ve not had any sickness just very bad stomach pains I would be very grateful for any advise I can get I don’t know if this is were I post this sort of thing to get advise I’ve not eaten anything different to cause this I’m so drained that I find I’m snapping at my partner I’m sweating all the time and feel hot all over my body yet I feel freezing and can’t stand heating on or quilt over me do I need to go to A&E or my doctors

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Hi Bellamontanadrury,

I'm afraid none of us is medically trained, so we can't give you medical advice, I would suggest dialling 111, or your doctor's surgery.

You haven't said whether you've been restricting calories, or have added lots of fruit and veg to your diet, are taking any medication, or have any existing medical conditions, so we couldn't even hazard a guess.

I hope you can get the help you need quickly and that you feel much better, very soon.

Following the above.. seek medical attention as soon as possible. 7 days is too long!!

Wishing you better soon 💐

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I ty I phoned out of hours gp they said I got to go to my go in morning has possibility I’ve could have stomach embolism ty for replying to me

Minniewinny5 stone in reply to Hidden

How are you today?

Have you seen your go?


Hi I always hv fruit in my home I’m on morphine and gabapentine for pain relief my ex husband broke my back years ago so can’t do any exercise plus I hv arthritis and angina been trying to loose weight for years but nothing seems to work any suggestions on what I can do n eat to help me plz

That's so harsh! It's good to hear that you're going to the doctor.

This all sounds very stressful. Maybe you will have to wait until you're feeling better or at least a little more stable before you change up your diet. Try asking the doctor something like 'Given my health problems and my injury, do you have any advice about how I should approach weight loss?'

It is usually possible to lose weight without exercising, it's mostly food.

But first off I hope you can get some medical help and feel better!

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