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One day of 30 days


When I first started a year ago I wrote in everyday. And I was doing well. They say it takes 30 days to get rid of unhealthy habit. You guys might get tired of me writing but you guys give me the inspiration to move on from day to day and to reach my goal weight. You do not know how greatful that makes me feel. In turn I am going to inspire friends from the forum starting Sunday July 2. I started a great gym a week from today and enjoy it very much and I want to continue it. Talk to you tomorrow!!!

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kalahuchi6 stone

Hi Wadestreet,

I know exactly how you feel; I couldn't have achieved my weight loss this year without the wonderful people in this community and I admire you for wanting to give something back. Good luck and enjoy your gym x

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi Wadestreet

You can write as many times as you like we don't get tried of reading them. I'm gald to hear the forum inspires you to move on. Well done on joining the gym, hope you continue to enjoy it.


Hi Wadestreet Hope today is a good day for you :) and you keep smiling :) Inspiring others on the forum is a great thing to do

Hope you enjoy your gym session today :) You are doing so well and being positive really helps ;)

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