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Kicking the fizzy drinks


Okay, so ashamedly, I am struggling to kick the fizzy drink habit.

My parents weren't hot on it as a kid, so I've pretty much grown up on the stuff.

And now I'm finding it hard to just stop.

I have managed to drop myself to 1 a day, most days. But I feel like I need that one a day.

I like water. I love it really cold. I don't like all this fruit infusing thing, it grosses me out. I don't like squash. I love flavoured water, but, still contains sugar.

I don't like sparkling water though, i think it tastes gassy...

I know the answer is to simply not drink them. I don't buy them - the person I live with drinks them, so they're always around as a temptation.

Bah, how to stop giving in. Sometimes I open one have a bit and I'm like, I don't even want it now. I've made them last over 2 days, but I ended up wasting them, as it goes flat and horrible. And I can't expect someone else to drink my backwash (sorry)

I have bought loads of bottles of water (I now hate tap water apparently - has to filtered and cold) to be like, look here's the east alternative, you dont even have to fill the jug up, it's there for you! But I still reach for that can.. help

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Poor you! It must be difficult. I can't help much as I never really had that problem, we've always pretty much avoided the stuff at home and I'm very glad about it too. I watched a few videos about how bad sugar is for you and they convinced me even more to avoid the stuff. I drink water, tea, the occasional coffee and beer if I'm socialising. That's basically it! Good luck with kicking the habit!


I battled a Diet Coke addiction so can understand 😕 Could you at least drink sugar free versions? They aren't exactly healthy but less sugar will save you calories?

Weaned my self off by going onto slimline tonic, then fizzy water, now trying to stick to tap water drunk very cold out if the fridge.

The reason I wanted to quit was it was really affecting my taste buds, I was craving sugary things, and this is much better now so it's worth it if you can give them up, 😊 Good luck

Yup, already made the switch to diet - like you said, no better but I suppose better than the other stuff? None of it is good at all, and I really wish I'd kind of been banned as a kid, then it wouldn't be such a normal thing for me.

I wouldn't even know what slimline tonic is ha. Is it tonic water?

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Fit-ishPlum

Its not that they're 'bad' for us I just found they mucked up my taste buds, but if they're a treat couple of times a week I don't see the harm. 😊 I was drinking a four litres pack every week. Like everything else, trying to give it up is difficult emotionally, so you are doing well reducing the quantity 😊

With regards to childhood habits, it's a difficult one. I was brought up on meat and two veg every night, no junk at all, and for years I felt deprived! I still enjoy a burger or corned beef!! Lol 😊

All it takes is time to create new habits, tell yourself YOU are in charge not your brain!! Lol 😊

Good luck

I think it is a social pressure thing … so many advertisements are showing how cool and “normal” it is to be part of the crowd, especially those coke advertisements with young ladies and gentlemen dancing around. I can guarantee though the models on those advertisements do not drink fizzy drinks all day. They will drink bottled water otherwise they would not get their next job for very long. They may even only swallow one or two mouth full of the stuff during the making of the commercial, and it may not even be a fizzy drink in the bottle, it may just be coloured fizzy water. Are you getting the point yet at how bad the stuff is or you?

If you want more convincing take a copper coin place it in a glass, pour some of your next fizzy drink on it and leave it over night. Hey presto you have a bright shiny coin the next day. Now you are pouring that stuff down your throat each day and expecting your body to cope with it day on day; and I am not even talking about the sugar build up in your body.

Sorry … you wanted encouragement. Good luck with kicking the habit. You have one body and I hope you start looking after it, because life is about a journey and it is important we look after our bodies and start to become the healthy people we can become, but remember it is one day at a time. Do not beat yourself up if you drink one can of fizzy drink each day, try and drink one every other day for a change … at least you are not drinking three a day, it is a step forward.

I've seen all the videos and articles etc, it used to be a lot worse. For the most part whenever I think about it, I just down water to try and shut it up.

I want to eventually not even think about it anymore. I already turn my nose at it as soon as I drink some, but then I hate wasting, so feel the need to finish it (like when you over portion, feel full, but keep eating the rest anyway, through fear or waste)

I know the answer is to just not get one.

I shall make it my challenge today to not have 1

How do you feel about Milk?

Fit-ishPlum in reply to FfsTel

I don't really like milk too much, I find it leaves a funny taste in the mouth.

Plus recently, the thought of drinking some other animals body fluids weird me out a little... like milk is supposed to be for growing calves - like breast milk is for growing babies - should we be drinking it really...?

So I'm a bit dubious about it - I am mad. Don't worry, I know haha.

I switched to the calorie free pop at first I figured it had to be better than drinking all those calories lol and just slowly reduced how much I was drinking of it. Now I don't look for it its water most the day and the odd black coffee.

I know you want to give up - but is one can a day of the diet stuff that bad? As opposed to constantly thinking about it? Maybe it could be your "treat"? And if you want to cut down more wouldn't your housemate/partner share a can with you? Then you won't waste so much?

As for liking flavoured water but not squash - well I think they are the same thing but the flavoured water comes in fancier flavours. You could try some of the upmarket squashes - like rhubarb and ginger (M&S I'm afraid) which don't taste so synthetic?

Fit-ishPlum in reply to susiepet

It isn't as bad - it's just the unseen effects that it can have on the body that I worry about. And sugars and sweeteners are just that at the end of the day. I'd rather it be a treat, like when going out for a meal - which rarely happens anyway. So it would be very infrequent.

To be honest, I've never asked him. He is my uncle - but I'm not sure how he'd react to sharing a drink ha - I used to do it to my granddad all the time, I'd give him what I couldn't finish.

And water is just cheaper as a whole, really. It's in your taps, you can refill a bottle and even when that option isn't available, buying a bottle of it (even a pack of bottles) is a whole lot cheaper than a fizzy drink.

radioactiveblue100 pounds in reply to Fit-ishPlum

Use a glass and just pour out what you want (or don't want).

SheilambRestart Jan 2020

Well done indeed on cutting down so dramatically. Good job done. Just a tiny word of warning. My husband cut out his frequent coke drinks and just had the diet version occasionally socially because he does not drink alcohol. Well when on holiday he was having two or three every day. Then he had a worrying flare-up of a nasty ulcer and the ship's doctor had a fit. Told him in no uncertain terms that the diet ones are just as bad for you because of the chemicals that substitute for the sugar. He was certainly right about the ulcer, as it started to improve within days.

Fit-ishPlum in reply to Sheilamb

See, this is the reason I don't want them full stop. At least we know what actual sugar does to the body, the effects on artificial sweeteners etc are still like a mystery. They're not necessary at all to be honest. We got on just fine before fizzy sugar drinks when all there was was water, so I'm sure we can survive without them now.

Who knows what they are doing to us inside, that's the worry.

SheilambRestart Jan 2020 in reply to Fit-ishPlum

You are so wise to be wary. Life is a bit unfair, isn't it! But you are certainly doing very well indeed. You will get your reward on the scales!

radioactiveblue100 pounds

Do you like the taste of your drinks or the fizz? I used to drink a lot of diet coke, but for me it's the sharp fizz rather than the taste. If it's the fizz, you can try buying plain soda water and find something to flavour it. (I don't like sparkling water either, but I do like soda water).

It took me a while to acquire a taste for plain soda water, but I used to buy a bottle and have small amounts of plain soda with a bit of 'no added sugar' Vimto (not the healthiest option, but it wasn't too bad), then I started adding the juice of a lime instead. Sometimes I'll add vanilla essence. Now I will drink the soda plain (but I'll still add the juice of a lime if I have one).

you poor thing i never had that problem myself why don't you contact your GP and jou ooin a weight clinic they can really help you, they can give you goals to help i have joined a weight clinic and my down fall is crisps an could eat 36 packets of crisps a week and my is stop eating so much also they told to do a food dairy including how much i drink and every month they will try to guide you and you to have a healthier diet they keep an eye on your weight you can join clubs to help you lose weight give it go see how you get on let me know it would great to see how you get on

Do you still buy them? It's like any addiction - cigarette, alcohol, chocolate. Perhaps have a can when you are absolutely desperate for one but definitely don't keep any in the house so you're free to grab one from the fridge at any time. Chocolate is my weakness. I am absolutely gagging for some. My boyfriend is working at Hotel Chocolat a lot lately too - I keep telling him to not bring any home so he gorges on it whilst he is down there. So jealous! :-D

it his very hard to stop drinking some thing when you have all your life put you can do it you have got down to one so just cut that out when you feel ready have you tried using a lemon in your filtered water it his nice and it his good for you just a idea if you want to sweeten it put some honey in it and that will sweeter taste for you and filtered water his good for you has there are chemicals in tap water that are not good


It's funny how different we all are. I don't even drink 2 cans of fizzy drink in a year, but stand me next to a bar of chocolate or luxury ice cream, and I struggle not to consume the lot!

The only thing I can think is at least to drink the low cal ones, so you aren't getting all that horrible sugar.

But can you make yourself enjoy tea and coffee instead?

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