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Fruit snacks



I was telling my husband the cals I'd been consuming yesterday and he said that I shouldn't include the ones from when I'm having apples etc as a snack. I'm 1 week into the NHS 12 week plan and have been including these in the allowance, does everyone else leave them out?

I don't see that it'll make a huge difference, and I tend to approximate quite a bit anyhow.....

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I think your husband may be getting confused with counting added or extrinsic sugars, where you don't count whole-foods that contain natural sugar.

You're right to include your fruit calories, they do all add up and still count I'm afraid. But they're a better use for your calories and you get more for your money by snacking on fruit. I think some diets have systems where you don't count things like fruit & veg, but for simple calorie counting, which is what you're doing with the NHS plan, you do count them. Hope that clears things up - and great to hear you're snacking on lots of fruit - you're onto a winner!


Ahh... I'll continue to add them then, thanks :-)

Ruth_canal_runner1lb in reply to Son1

By the way - I approximate a lot too - nothing wrong with that! Everyone finds their own ways to keep track - but the main thing is to keep track of everything :)


Ruth-canal- runner calls it approximating, but it is a vital skill she has leatnt to judge portions and calories 😊😊😊. Keeping track needn't be time consuming or difficult, and then it will become a permanent hzbit not to over eat 😊


Thanks for your comment. I've just watched your post with the video (butter Bob) and it made perfect sense. Today I didn't snack as I had my apple and raisins straight after lunch, so will do that from now on, tag my fruit onto a meal as pudding. Have you seen the series 'Trust me I'm a doctor'? They did one on weight loss and it suggested having breakfast later and dinner earlier so that you have a longer period of time without eating, which is something I've been doing. No food in the evenings. Took me a month or so, but don't feel the need to eat in front of the telly anymore :-)


Yes, when I watched your video, the first thing I thought of was that 'Trust me I'm a doctor' episode. Interesting stuff.

No, never heard of Dr Fung - maybe one to look up :-)

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