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Happy May


I've decided to aim for a really good May. Feeling good up to now as a result of two good days with food and also exercise (30 mins intervals, 20 mins skip/kettlebell). So I'm on track for 1400 cals per day and 150 mins exercise.

Why do I want a good May?! LO will be nine months so deadline for nine months to gain nine months to lose is looming. I've got three nights out planned and want to feel good dressed- not been much of that over passed 8-9 months. Also come June I've got a wedding (must fit that dress) and then robbie, not that he'll notice! And of course, it's summer!

So roll on a good May, I'll do it this time!

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suzybenj1 stone

Happy May to you to. As you say new resolve and all that. Me too aiming for good May.

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