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Pcos query

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I was diagnosed with pcos since I was 14 and was automatically put on the contraceptive pill and have been on it since. I am now 21 turning 22 this year and so decided to come off the pill in July 2020. I have only had one period in December- 5 months after I came off my pill and then I’ve recently come on again and have now been on for 2 weeks straight however it is not heavy, it seems to be more spotting but then some mornings it will be heavier. Does anyone know if this is normal and if I should contact my doctors about this? I feel like they are always reluctant to do anything as I am going however me and my partner do want to try soon. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you :)

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I never had periods and have been pregnant. I think if you want to try, just start trying. You won't know if there is an issue unless you try. Your periods shouldn't be an issue for you if you are pregnant.

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Well we have technically been trying as I haven’t been on any contraception for over a year but haven’t caught. I’m just worried as well with how long I have been bleeding for and doesn’t seem to stop.

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Ah ok, contact your doctors as constant bleeding should be investigated.

Hello! I think this sounds about right although completely annoying. It's a sign that your natural cycle (which has been surpressed all this time under the Pill) is kickstarting itself. I have a similar story and yes put on the Pill but it just didnt agree with me and so came off it and it took a bit of time. It takes awhile but your period should go back to normal though i use that term loosely given the PCOS diagnosis.I think it's great you came off the Pill (it does nothing to treat the root causes of PCOS and can further complicate fertility) . Try something like seed cycling (you can google it) to balance your hormones and eat leafy greens, fish, etc. Also lots of great people to follow on IG (I'm following @nourishednaturalhealth and doing her hormone harmony academy). Plus read Period Power by Maisie Hill. It's really useful and educational. Totally sympathise with you re. Doctors. Found them really unhelpful and close minded. But you can sort this out naturally. Good luck and don't worry. It will be ok. 👍🏽

Ah great thank you so much! It’s great to hear from other people because sometimes I feel like I’m on my own and that others don’t really understand the complexity of it and how it makes you feel!! X

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