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Newly diagnosed


I’ve just had my ultrasca yesterday and they confirmed I had PCOS.

I was very emotional last night as I was worrie that when I want to have kids that I might but I feel much better about this now as I know you still can. What’s getting me down is my hair, I have extremely thin hair and it’s falling out all the time, and my weigh. It won’t shift, I attend the gym regularly and eat okay but my weight won’t go down. How do other cope with this?

I am becoming so down and lacking in confidence 😭



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Motivation is the most difficult part with the weight loss, we need to eat considerably less just to maintain our weight - if we ate the RDA we would put on 2lb a month so over a stone a year just by eating the RDA so it is a battle sometimes. Going on the combined contraceptive pill can make losing weight a little bit easier (it also increases your chances of getting pregnant quicker as your body is less pcos) so that is something to consider, it will help with the symptoms too. I cut my hair short in the end as it was less depressing as I had to unblock the plug hole in the shower frequently but as I have short hair I dont notice it as much now!!!

As for getting pregnant, some ladies have no issue at all, others need a little help and some a bit more, it is extremely rare not to conceive just because of pcos, and there is so much help when the time comes so honestly do not worry too much, our egg quality remains better for longer so we can conceive later than non pcos ladies (the only good thing about pcos) - the most important thing really is getting your BMI within the normal range as often you can be refused fertility treatment if your bmi is over 30. Stick to a low GI diet and basically cut out all white carbs and stick to the brown stuff as they make our symptoms much worse, also processed food is not good and obviously cut out sugar as much as poss.


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