How much does the dosage have to be for Metformin for weight loss?

I noticed some people say Metformin helped them lose a few pounds but i am on 500mg and seem to continue to gain weight. My gyn said i am on a baby dosage and wants me to set a appointment with my endo doc to increase my doseage.

So if your taking Metformin, and your losing weight, how high is your doseage? How much weight did it help you to lose?

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  • Hi Vonnah. Metformin is not designed to aid weight loss and there is no concrete evidence that it does so - many medical professionals dispute the fact it aids weight loss. Weight loss in some (not all!) individuals could be down to various factors which includes sickness and diarrhoea for the first month or two of taking it, whilst your body becomes accustomed to the medication.

    I have been taking 3x 500mg for quite some time to aid ovulation, and this did work. However, I had no weight loss whatsoever. In fact, I put weight on so increased my exercise to maintain my usual weight. It's important to follow a healthy, low GI diet (no empty calories and limit white bread/pasta/rice etc) when you have PCOS. Swap these things for their healthier sisters - multi grain bread, wholemeal pasta and brown rice.

  • Thanks for the tips on the diet! I need to get on that asap.....and yeah i personally haven't lost any weight while on Metformin😯

  • This should only be taken if you are insulin resistant as it is a diabetes drug. Some ladies are IR who have pcos, some are not (I am not). Often the weight loss can be due to the horrible side effects rather than it doing any good.

  • Hmm.....strange. My endocrinologist said my insulin levels and glucose was fine. Only my testosterone level was abnormal. But she prescribed me Metformin. I guess I'm considered lean.

    Why is that?

    *On the papers i filled out before the doctor called me back, i written that my mom has pre diabetes, my dad has diabetes, and my grandparents on both sides. (Didn't include most of my aunts and uncles on both sides-there wasn't enough room!😱😱😱)

    Or is that why she said she wanted me to take it?!

  • You are in the US though aren't you, which have different views on it to the UK ! If you have it in your family maybe that is why.

  • Yes I'm from America. Yeah that's what i was thinking too.

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