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My 18 year old daughter had a scan last month and was told by radiographer she has PCOS (apparently really evident from scan alone). She has appointment with endocrinologist later this month.

I feel terrible as she has been complaining for years of 'tummy aches' and in the last 5 years has changed so much. Her weight ballooned, her hair thinned while she had black coarse hair on arms, back, chest and face. I can't believe how useless I have been with her symptoms! When she told me her hair was falling out I told her 'everyone loses hair'. At 14 she was a slim teenager and now she has a large belly. I don't know about her periods - she wouldn't tell me. To top it all, she has a cousin with PCOS and 3 close female relatives with endometriosis and I made no connection.

I only started taking notice and persisting with the doctor when I suddenly realised that none of the symptoms were due to her, things weren't normal and she was so fed up she finally agreed to speak to a doctor. Previously she had put a brave face on everything and basically her attitude was, if you don't like how I look that is your problem - I am ok with it. When I offered to try and fund laser treatment for her arms she got annoyed at me and said that she had finally accepted it (after 4 years) and so should I. She has deferred university for year and I think PCOS is the reason.

Since diagnosis last month she has gone on a low carb diet, lost a stone and is planning her exercise schedule. I know she is scared of the implications but am so proud of her for trying to do what she can to help herself. I only hope I can be as strong with the consultant rather than I have been with the GPs over the last few years when we have gone in for various aches and pains but never addressed the real issue.

I just wanted to say how glad I am that I found this site as I now have some idea of what to expect - including from doctors and varying treatments. Thank you for all the information.

My daughter has amazed me with her emotional resilience so far and I hope it lasts. I know it has had a deep affect on her but I hope it won't change who she is and that she gets her confidence back. She is amazing. I know her symptoms aren't as bad as could be and I hope that lasts.

My heart goes out to everyone on this site, but particularly the teens. It is heartbreaking to read their posts and see their despair. I applaud those who have suffered for a while and it is wonderful that they encourage and advise the younger ones. It is great to see everyone sticking together.

You are all brave and beautiful and I hope you don't mind my joining for advice and updates. I have suffered from clinical depression and the only contribution I can make is to say that sharing your problems and sadness can sometimes help.

Hoping for breakthroughs and willing to do all I can to help.

Thank you.

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The thing is often it can just be because of being a teenager, often GP's will say that this will improve over time - so don't beat yourself up about it. Sounds as if your daughter is clued up on pcos now and can accept it. You can control the condition to a degree by a low GI type diet and exercise (also good for the moods too as we can be prone to getting anxiety and depression too so I would definitely encourage the exercise). Generally an endocrinologist will recommend the combined pill - I went on it age 16 and still on it age 48 and for me it has made my life a bit more 'normal' with less pcos symptoms and less black times in my life due to the hormonal imbalance.

Just so you know, it is extremely rare to not conceive with pcos so your daughter doesnt need to worry about that!

mema109 in reply to Hols969

Thanks for that. I guessed the pill would be an option but wasn't sure if that is the same for everyone.

Hols969 in reply to mema109

It is what is recommend by pcos experts (endocrinologists) as it masks the symptoms of pcos so makes life a little bit easier. It must be the combined pill rather than the pop pill.

Amazing post!!!! I'm 19 so i support you and your daughter and if you need to chat I'm available anytime. I can give advice as well. We all gotta stick together!💪💜

mema109 in reply to Vonnah

Thanks Vonnah. I was hoping people wouldn't mind but I have seen a couple of mums questions and I know that my daughter doesn't want to discuss some things with me all the time.

Vonnah in reply to mema109

I definitely was in denial a few months after being just takes some time. Doing research will help her understand it better. Also look up PCOS Challenge. They are really good and brings awarness to it. ❤

im 17 and if you need to chat about it then im here to chat, glad your daughter is okay with how she looks, i myself dont like the way i look but its great your daughter does, as i said if you want to chat im here. :)

Hi Megjay, I am sure she puts a brave face on a lot of the time and it is her way of coping. Thank you for offering to chat, it is very good of you.

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