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Hi everyone! I've just come across this site and seen that it seems to be full of lovely ladies who are experienced in the dreaded pcos, so I thought it would be lovely if I could get some advice please? I have been battling with my facial hair for YEARS and it has actually been a battle!! I am a beAutician and I am aware of all of the different hair removal methods out there and I have tried them all REPEATEDLY including electrolysis and laser, non which are any good for me and I have also lost over 4 stone which has helped my periods massively and my anxiety-but not the hair :( and as I am medium-dark skinned and my hair is very dark and very coarse so very hard to hide! I have been reading for months about vaniqa cream and how it has changed lives and I am wondering if any of you lovely ladies have managed to get some prescribed? I am at my whits end! I do not mind still doing hair removal but I would love it to be less frequent :( thank you xx

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You can buy vaniqa from SK:N clinic as they sell it in conjunction with laser (it is about £100 a tube), it can take quite a few months to make a difference though so you do need to persevere. Your GP can prescribe it though, they don't tend to mention it because it is expensive. Look at the NICE guidelines on PCOS as well as that advises what to expect.

I am on the combined contraceptive will helps slow down the hair, I have also had laser on my face (22 sessions) and it is pretty good but does need a top up as haven't had it done for about 3 years.


Thank you so much for your reply, I suffer with quite severe anxiety and find that contraceptive pills make me a lot worse so I cannot continue to use them, I have also had laser sessions and electrolysis neither of which have been effective enough for me my hairs are extremely dark and terminal so cannot even be left to get long enough to wax, I'm fed up! I have arranged an appointment to see my doctor to see if I can be prescribed vaniqa, I'm scared to go on my holidays this year and go makeup free :( X


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