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Facial hair chest hair bum hair I swear I'm chewbacka !! πŸ˜‚ Jokes a side my boyfriend wants me to move in he has no idea

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I have to shave my face twice a day I feel so ugly ! Iv been with this guy and he's asked me to move in !! He has no idea I hav to shave my face I'm that scared about him finding out I'm debating if I should call it off 😩 I wish I had the money to get my full body lazer hair removal treatment ! Any one know any good long lasting hair removal creams treatments that arnt to pricey ? I'm so depressed about this I feel sick about myself and my doctors won't listen I feel so ugly !! Please help

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Hi! Im still awaiting tests to decide if I definitely have PCOS but have really thick horrible pubey hairs on my face, bum, back and chest. It's gets me down but I am bloody awful at keeping on top of grooming so my boyfriends well aware. Im afraid I can't offer any advice on treatments but I can say with some assurance that if you talk to your bf he will be absolutely fine with it. I haven't talked to my boyfriend about PCOS but he just accepts the fact that I'm a hairy beast haha! Your boyfriend will understand, don't let a hairy face stop you from being happy - move in!!!

Would love to hear if you find anything that works for you.

All the best xxx

Hi , im the same its really getting me down. My bf is really supportive . I've just asked him to go halves on this : amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00...



I'm the same with my face. First thing in the morning and then when I get in after work lol it is HORRIBLE. I've lived with my boyfriend for almost two years and he still doesn't know. That's what private bathroom time is for. As for being hairy else where.. Your boyfriend loves you. Has he seen your body? You can either be honest with him and get his support (we are all going to go through the menopause and get hairier one day anyway) or you can hide it. I always make a joke of how hair my arms and lower back/bottom is. But I never talk about having to shave my face. It'll be okay :) Don't call it off over this. It doesn't make you a monster or chewbacca xx

Yup know how you feel, my butt is hairer than my hubbies - I would use an epilator (wet and dry sort as its less painful in the shower) as it is pretty good or get waxed. I get a full leg bikini and bum cheeks done.

I can promise you if the guy has asked you to move in, he likes you for you, hair and all so please dont think of calling it off if you really like him. He probably knows about the hair anyway but it doesnt bother him.

I even get my hubbie to clipper my butt if it needs it, in my opinion that is what partners should feel comfortable doing with each other if the need arises (we have been together 25 years !!)

I had laser on my face about 6 years ago and its the best thing I ever did but it is pricey and wouldnt be able to afford the whole body. Are you on the combined pill as this will slow down the growth and also their is a cream called vaniqa that you can get from your GP that will slow it down further.

Also you will notice the hair far more than anyone else will.....

Hi folks- first post though I've been reading the threads for a few months- wonderful supportive community here! I'm 48, diagnosed in my 20's, tried the pill to manage but didn't work, implant was worse. The worst symptom for me was the excess hair- it really made me anxious and I can say stopped me wearing certain clothes, going to the beach, swimming etc. After cruel remarks from boyfriends I also lost self esteem. This stopped me doing so much. However- this has a good ending. It took me a while but I learned to value who I was, that people found me attractive and that psychologically I had made the hair problem so much bigger than it really was. We all have our ways of dealing with the physical issue but it's worth looking after your well-being too. I'm a curvy woman who since stopping the meds has a regular menstrual cycle, a few skin issues and is a bit hairy. I take Omega 3 and Vitamin D to tackle the darker months(UK). Put yourself first- I do wish that they would prescribe vouchers for laser removal via a GP- would really help low self esteem.

I am the same first thing in morning and last thing at night i have to go shave due to facial hair it gets me down as i have been living with my boyfriend for 2 years now and he got no idea as i shut myself away in bathroom i dont like it if he tries to touch my face and i haven't shave i always back away i would not mind but he is the most loveable caring boyfriend anyone could ask for, i really get down with it all πŸ™

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