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Post-Menopausal PCOS?

I was diagnosed with PCOS quite some years ago. It made me infertile, but I was lucky enough to have a wonderful step-daughter.

However, I am now post-menopausal and finding it impossible to find any information regarding PCOS and this time of life. I went to a specialist consultant who informed me I couldn't have PCOS as my hormone panel came back normal. I told him I was post-menopausal and he really just didn't know what to say. He hadn't a clue. I still have the excess hair, the acne, the inability to lose weight. How can that be if my panel is normal? I'm so confused and distressed that there seems to be no information about PCOS after child bearing years. If anyone knows anything, I'd be so grateful.

Thanks, Kat

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mmm sadly their doesn't seem to be much info on menopause and pcos - I am 47 so could be fast approaching. At the Verity conference in October they are doing a talk on pcos later on in life, sadly I am unable to make it, but am hoping to maybe get some info on it after the conference.


Thanks Hols969, I may ask Verity themselves. Possibly they might take notes from the speaker.



Hi there i am post menopausal and i have pcos there's and email address i would give you this lady has researched pcos and she give advice and there is a diet for people with pcos maybe if you email her she might be able to help the email is tarry@pcosdietsupport.com see what she says let me know how you get on

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Thanks Freyja! I appreciate that.


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