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Hi, just joined and was pointed in the direction of this page. I've struggled for years with PCOS, but more so with diagnosis because, despite multiple cysts, they weren't in the right pattern to be allowed to say I had PCOS. Then they changed the diagnostic goalposts and overnight I suddenly had the condition. My main problems are pain, distension, hirsutism, weight gain (and gain), male pattern baldness (lucky I'm extra hairy I guess!), infertility and, when my hormones are extra scrambled, depression. Good to meet a community of PCOSers. Looking forward for tips and (hopefully) to losing weight, finally!

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I would also get checked out for endometreosis as well as pain is more associated with endo rather than pcos so ask to be referred to an endocrinologist as they can help with both conditions.

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Thanks Hols969 - I do actually also have endometriosis - my Gynae's response? You're very unlucky to have both. Sometimes I despair!


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