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Can a vegan diet help reverse type 2 diabetes?

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Hi everyone,

I've been asked this question by private message and am putting it to you all to see if you can help please:

Hi Jerry

I hope that you don't mind contacting you.

I was wondering if you could guide me further regarding the plant based and vegan eating.

I have been a vegetarian all my life.

I would like to reverse my diabetes if possible.

Please can you give me some tips and simple meal ideas.

I have been thinking of timed window eating.

Not too sure about the window but probably 12 hours.

I will be grateful if you could guide me further.

Kind regards

I'm pleased that some people find me approachable if they want a question asked on their behalf as some of us are more self assured than others. Maybe a diabetic Topic would be a good idea as reversing type2D is very topical/important and would be of interest to many.

Thank you.


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Hello Jerry, I know a lot about being vegan but very little about diabetes so I will leave that response to someone with more knowledge about diabetes than myself.

I have however added a diabetes topic.

Ali 🌱🙂

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JerryGuest in reply to Agoodenough

Thanks Ali 😊

Many people on WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED NO OIL way of eating testify to getting rid of type two diabetes. suggest this person looks at the FORKS OVER KNIVES website for testimonials plus recipes

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There's a lot of evidence that type 2 diabetes can be reversed with a vegan diet.

It does need to be at the healthy end of the scale - the kind of diet recommended by the "plant doctors" like Ornish/Gregor/McDougall etc.

This is a good article by one of them, Neal Barnard, on diabetes reversal:

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There is considerable success with diabetes.

Looking at the potential benefits more widely, anyone with chronic health issues of any type can, and will, benefit from a WFPB diet. I know work is being done on showing the benefits for dimentia. Reversal may depend on complications including bone, joint damage, lack of social support, current medication, exercise, personal determination.

It is hard to guarantee anything with any diet. However we all deserve the best health possible, and that alone comes from a WFPB diet taken seriously...

Diabetes UK have some resources relating to diabetes and a vegan diet. Type 'vegan diet' into the search box on the Diabetes UK website.

I have no personal experience of this but believe the testimonies based upon scientific fact and medical studies of the prominent American Doctors ,Greger, Campbell, Esselstyn , McDougall and many more. Read The China Study, How Not to Die etc. These state that a wholefood plant based diet ( no oils used) can reverse Type 2 diabetes , heart disease and some cancers. Vegan of course isn't always healthy if you eat processed food products and use a lot of oils in cooking.

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