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New Topic 'My Story' why did you become a vegan. πŸ’š

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Hi everyone,

I've created a new 'Topic' so that if any of you want to post your story of why you became a vegan, the pitfalls with family and friends and most importantly the benefits to you.

Please feel free to write your story as a new post and put in it in the My Story topic section.

This should help newbies and everyone to see that we all have shared experiences.

Thank you,

Jerry 😊

The photo is raspberries, sliced banana chocolate soya mousse Swedish Glace and topped with a strawberry so its all plant based and tastes good...

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What a lovely Idea Jerry, that will help so many people.

What a fantastic dessert - I see you enjoy the swedish glace as well : >

Will definitely help me. I am still trying to get my head around this way of eating.

Working fulltime and long hours as a nurse. So I need to work quick and easy grab meals.

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Veeee

Hi, I think when you get into it there are lots of quick meals. For something quick we have curry and make two days worth of everything where we can like chilli, lasagne etc pizza with a bought base and pasta sauce made with butternut squash. When you are busy it’s a pain going food shopping on top of working shifts and long hours, not easy for you but you will probably find you have more energy as a bonus.

Veeee in reply to Agoodenough

Totally agree with you. I dislike shopping. I have 1 hour travelling on the bus each way plus my shift 5 days a week. Life balance is difficult.


What a good idea. πŸ˜ƒ

I became a vegan 24yrs ago after being veggie for 14yrs. I am not vegan for health but for ethical reasons. When l went vegan there was none of the support that is avalible now. I joined the vegan society and shopped at Holland and Barrett. Being veggie I was half way there it took about 12 mths to change my diet. My biggest difficulties in the beginning was finding vegan shoes household cleaners,and toiletries. As l something of a loner l did not have a lot of comments from others about my change in diet. Eating out was a problem it is less so now but still limited were l live. My health has been good most of my life. Being vegan l notice l do not get the bugs that go round every winter. I last had a cold 2 years ago and flu about 10yrs ago. My cholesterol is good and my blood sugar levels too l am a healthy weight. There is lots of help on the internet for anyone struggling with aspects of a vegan diet. For me it is not just about health but the animals, environment, and world hunger. Veganism can help with some medical problems but it is no mirical cure. It is a safe, and healthy diet of followed correctly. It is also a compassionate way to live l wish l had chosen it much sooner but better late than never.

Jerry in reply to goodeone

Thank you for this goodeone, this is very interesting and helpful, so its great that you've joined VFL and you're in good company on here.

Jerry. 😊

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