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I visited the Grape Tree shop in my local centre today and bought some seeds and saw a leaftlet for the above which I picked up. Not only did the leaflet have a couple of lovely looking recipes in it it also had a very handy list of foods which contained certain vitamins etc. For instance, the list showed which foods have protein, which had Omega 3, which had Calcium etc, I found it so useful that I'm inserting it into my Vegan binder for future use. I have had a look online and unfortunately it doesn't list the leaflet so it looks like you can only get them instore, definitely worth a visit.

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Things like that are so helpful and encourage us to eat more variety as it reinforces the health benefits of things we may just take for granted or not really consider to be so healthy. Vegan binder! I love the sound of that. Everything together in one place 👍😀🌱

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They certainly are and I was so encouraged to see it in the store. There is such variety in the Vegan diet and I am definitely in the early learning stages. Oh yes, I have my Vegan binder, I sorted it out over Christmas and have it separated into sections i.e. bread, desserts, main meals, lunches, sauces etc. I can't wait to make recipes from my new Deliciously Ella cookbook. :)

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