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Chick pea and Vegetable Curry with black rice,

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Hi everyone,

After Alicia's chick pea curry last night made me decide to make a quick curry tonight and I bought a bag of stir fry veg and added white onion garlic tomatoes and chick peas and made my own curry paste with coriander cumin ginger turmeric and black pepper with some stock nutritional yeast flakes and some GF yeast extract.

I really like black rice but you have to cook it for a lot longer than white rice, to me its worth it because its no fuss boiling merrily away. 😊

3 Replies

Black rice is great, and looks amazing.

But doesn't take any longer to cook than brown :)


Very healthy Jerry. Looks great. I will have to try black rice.

Black rice is so much nicer, lovely nutty taste

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