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Make your own Fat-free Hummus

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Fat-free Hummus

1 tin chickpeas drained or 250g cooked lentils

2 cloves garlic

60g tahini

1 tsp miso paste

1/4 tsp dried cumin

1/4 tsp (smoked) paprika

2tbsp fresh parsley or 1tbsp dried

lemon juice to required taste and consistency.

Chuck it all into a food processor and whizz it up, gradually adding the lemon juice.

We tend to make double batches because we eat so much of it.

Lentils have a lot more protein than chickpeas.

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Sounds fab. I often make hummus but have never thought to put miso in it, so I will definately give that a try 😋

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Hey thanks jimmy a great looking recipe so I'll try it as I've not thought of putting miso in it before... 😊

Curious, isn’t tahini fat? I thought it was like ground sesame seeds so similar to other nut butters.

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benwlVolunteer in reply to forwardmotion

I agree, according to wikipedia tahini is about 80% fat although the saturated fat content is lower than some other nut based spreads.

So I guess the 60g of tahini would be about 50g of fat but you'd probably only use a little of the hummus at a time. I'm sure the recipe would also work without any tahini at all.

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jimmyq in reply to benwl

Give it a try and let us know how it turns out.

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jimmyq in reply to forwardmotion

The fat from tahini is from the sesame seeds so, in my opinion, it is OK.

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benwlVolunteer in reply to jimmyq

At the risk of being seen as pedantic the title to your post said "fat free", perhaps "free from added oils" would be a better one.

That sounds good. I havent made with lentils before nor miso . Going to try this later . Thanks for recipe

Thank you for sharing, I love hummus and never thought of fat free. Well this is on my list to make when I find somewhere that sells miso, unfortunately Morrison's don't.

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jimmyq in reply to

We get ours from Amazon. We have tried a few brands but Hikari is the best one we have had. We use it instead of salt in everything.

Thank you for that😀

Just tried your humus recipe Jimmy was really delicious I had it spread on a slice of homemade rye bread - definitely make it again. Keep in fridge in jar with small amount of olive oil on top - thanks

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jimmyq in reply to Nathan53

Glad you like it. It's from the "How Not To Die Cookbook".

I have also made it with leftover lentils instead of chickpeas. We liked it.

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Recipes that use words like chuck and whizz get my vote.

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