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Looking out for our feathered friends in a heat wave. ☀️


Hi everyone,

Now this hot weather is feeling like the norm it means that garden wildlife need water, which's worth thinking about if you can put water out and where its safe for them.

I have a pond and a bird bath and I see the birds drinking from plant saucers so try to keep fresh water available for them. My pond also has toads and newts so I keep that topped up too.

And on a lighter note here's a picture of a bird box in my garden that is inhabited by a family of blue tits which are such sweet little birds. And hey its a bit beat up but its still a home...😊

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Poor birds and other animals it can’t be easy for them in this heat. Love the bird box, very unusual. How lovely to have a pond!


That is so sweet Jerry, very creative. At the moment I have two Bird Baths in the garden, I have moved the bird table and ground feeder into the shade and the niger seed feeder, the sunflower heart/seed feeder for the little birds and the feeder for the starlings have all been moved to the shade.

Thats lovely that you have a pond, what lucky birds, toads and newts.

Best wishes

When I was younger, my brother and I had bird feeders on the trees we made and decorated in the house (I was 6 years old) for the birds. Nice idea!😀👍

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