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Second Chance FatMan


I'd like to draw your attention to a guy who goes under the Youtube channel as Second Chance Fatman. I think around 500 pounds at his heaviest he has used a plant based diet to reduce his weight with increasing energy and no hunger pains. Right now he has reduced his weight by 150 pounds, so I think that means he now weighs around 350 pounds. is his first video and

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This is very interesting. Anyone who is committed to a plant based/vegan diet is sure to see good results. People ask me and my partner if we are tired etc. I have never had more energy in my life and my partner is a landscape gardener and needs to be strong and have plenty of energy which he certainly has. We went to the vegan fayre in London last year and they had a demo by body builders. Which was very impressive. Glad this man has made the switch and he seems very pleased with his results.

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