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I have recently about two weeks ago, noticed my teeth have become sensitive to hot or cold. Tends to be my front teeth but it can change to others. Not only food or drink but if it's cold and take a breath in. I don't know if this is a disease process, I have MPA or the drugs I am on. So annoying, anyone has any ideas or had anything similar. Ta Pam

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  • Hi Pam I occasionally suffer from sensitive teeth but mainly from the cold or the occasional hot drink. I had this before I got this ailment but on checking I think it can be part of the condition and also side effects from medication. I have just recently started with toothache and the beginning of a mouth ulcer

    Which are side effects of cyclo and I was just going to put my own post up about it.

    I do hope thst someone with more experience can give you re assurance but I would phone your doctor or nurse for clarification and maybe they might give you a special mouthwash or something. Hope you are not in too much pain from them.

    Best wishes


  • I have had exactly the same thing for a year or so. I would be interested to know if it is the disease or meds. I have WG. My dentist prescribed a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash which has really helped. I think it is really meant to slow down tooth decay but it also works on sensitive teeth. Hope you get it sorted soon. Pam :-)

  • I suffer from sensitive teeth but as I have had this occasionally before vasculitis (MPA) I hadn’t really associated it with the disease. However it has been very persistent since diagnosis. As I am writing this response my teeth are killing me because I have been outside walking and I have come back into the warmth.


  • Ta everyone, yea had some sensitivity prior to diagnosis and used one of the sensitivity toothpastes, but nothing I would class as a major problem.

    Due for cyclo 5 next Friday and will quiz the docs regarding this new "bolt on" problem. Pam

  • Duraphat toothpaste is usually very good for sensitive teeth. I think we might carry out a poll for having sensitive teeth after being diagnosed with Vasculitis as it does seem to be a common symptom with quite a few people.

  • Hi John

    I seemed to have opened a bag of worms with my sensitive teeth problem, am quite amazed at the prolific response. Obviously it is something that many individuals are "quietly" putting up with, useful to know the common denominators. Disease or treatment? Regards Pam

  • Is it OK to use Duraphat long term John?

  • Hi John. Just had an emergency appointment with the dentist today as in a lot of discomfort from sensitive teeth. She prescribed Duraphat as you previously mentioned ( I know your were a dentist ) and I'm hoping it helps. Would be interesting to conduct a poll on sensitivity as a lot of people have commented on this. Hope you are well John. Best Wishes Jill.

  • I have this occasionally. Although it comes and goes. Frustrating!

  • Hi

    I was informed that I have css 12 weeks ago, and started with 60g pred, now reduced to 30g I also have sentitive front teeth, my dentist says that the steriods causes this and that he recomended arm and hammer sensitive toothpaste.

    I now drink my vodka and coke without ice. Ha ha

  • Are you taking any other medication other than the prednisolone fezzer607?

  • Yes ,Alendronic acid 70mg,calcichew-d3forte,lansoprazole30,mg

    Also ibuprofen 400mg and salamol,seretide250. Co codamol when needed.

  • Hi prezzer, I have late onset asthma (1999) and was diagnosed with CSS 10 years later. As you use Seretide I assume you have asthma too? My concern is that you also take Ibuprofen because, as an asthmatic, I was advised not to take this.

  • Before told I had css I had booked a tooth extraction months begore.

    After I informed my dentist what I was on etc.

    They would not remove as the pred stops the bones healing safely and the dental hospital would have to do it.

    My dentist is fantastic and I trust him 100%.

  • Yes it is Duraphat that I use. Works well. The off the shelf sensitive toothpastes made no difference. I had a flare up of another condition recently and steroids were increased to 30mg and my teeth became really sensitive again.

  • Duraphat I take it is only prescription available.

  • Yes it is prescription only

  • I had sensitive teeth, they also became loose, both conditions went away when the steroids were stopped. No problems now for 2 years


  • I missed this exchange about teeth. I have been on Prednisolone for over a year + boxes of other stuff (amlodipine, warfarin, alendronic acid, bisoprolol, eprosartan, omeprazole) but have only recently developed sensitive teeth, almost like a rather sharp but not severe toothache in all my teeth. Do we think it is the prednisolone?

  • Really weird and obvious effects fair few people, wonder if steroids and connecting with dosage and length of time on it. Meant to ask when I was at the vasculitis clinic at Addies, but forgot. I have MPA, no idea if related to certain types of vasculitis. As you I'm on a number of meds and still having cyclophosphamide infusions, number seven. So maybe some kind of masking going on. Interesting, but another nuisance to contend with. Pam

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