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Advice needed

I had a urine test done that showed blood so I was asked to do another test which was ok! The problem I have is I have been getting a sharp pain in my kidney area which when it subsides leaves a dull ache which is there all the time. As the last test was ok the doctor says everything is fine. I am waiting for a specialist referral so not sure what to do. I have unspecific vasculitis, can this affect the kidneys?

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Hi Cath

I think any Vasculitis can affect the kidneys perhaps you ask if your doctor could speed up the referral, tell him how worried you are and do not want to take chances.

When my kidneys were affected I did not have any pain in that area though so I suppose it could be something else.

Good luck


Hi Cath, I have Vasculitis which affects my kidneys, but I had no pain before diagnosis. I did however have blood in urine, and a blood test showed my kidneys was'nt working properly. A kidney biopsy followed which shown vasculitis and treatment began. Try not to worry too much as I had been having blood in my urine for a good few years without any problems. Wait for your specialist appt to get a better idea on whats happening. Good Luck


Hi CathT

I get awful pain(the kind that makes you "don't know where to put yourself!) under my ribs and just thought it was another WG issue and never bothered to mention it, I was woken up early hours sunday by a terrible pain under my left ribs like i had been kicked, bathed in sweat, wanting to be sick and desperately needing a wee - when i tried to wee i couldn't! I was in a right state with myself and trying not to wake anyone in the process. I've had a kidney stone in the past and the symptoms were not unsimilar to then but the pain nowhere near as bad as it had been when i did have a stone. I've been to the Renal Unit at sunderland today (coincidently) and seen my favourite Dr.....the irish, not Dr Strangelove and he's gonna get a CT done this week. Fingers crossed it is a stone and not something else! But i've been lucky in the past and my kidneys have escaped the WG.

let me know how you get on x


That is exactly what it is like! I'm off to the walk in clinic as the pain is bad I will let you know. Hope yours is just stones.


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