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I'm fine, but am I unique?

I had a heart scan due to a persistent cough and the x-ray suggesting an enlarged heart.

they had difficulty getting a good image, but my heart "seems" fine, but they want me to see a cardiologist "just to be sure".

my b.p. pulse are normal and the gp listened to my heart and pronounced it "fine".

now the unique bit -

normal heart valve flaps are in three sections, mine has only two :-O

I was born with it am 56 and never had any problems.

I'm fine but am I unique?


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A quick search on the internet shows that you are not unique. It seems that about 1-2 % of people may have two valve flaps instead of three.

I suspect they've refered you to a cardiologist just to check on you and perhaps to monitor you regularly to catch any valve problems that might develop in future.


thanks Richard, I liked being unique but not for the wrong reasons.



Dear hamble99b,

You do 'know' me- as regards the question 'are you unique'? A silly one really ....Yes of cause you are- everyone is! Were would we be if we were all the same? I am aware that this hasn't quite answered your question, in the way you meant to put it but still.......In answer to the question, you were asking for an answer on....No sorry your not unique there either, sorry once again.

If you want to 'discuss' this with me further, and more privately, please do 'email' me.

In the mean time look after yourself.

Best wishes AndrewT


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