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Degenerative Spondylolisthesis (severe spinal stenosis)

Has anyone been diagnosed with this and if so what did they decide to do. I have been offered a laminectomy with 75-80% chance of success : 20-25% chance of not getting result I want. The 20-25% is made up of pain staying the same; making matters worse and with a 3-5% chance of paralysis. At the moment I have decided against the operation but it is not going to go away.

The problem is vertebra at L4/L5.

I've gone from a very fit gym person to one frightened to do anything much in case the exacerbated pain returns.

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I had spinal stenosis and was becoming paralysed. In sept 2007 I had spinal surgery with pins in my back and a fusion of L3/L4 vertebra. Pain went and I could feel my feet again. Still got problems with my knees and cant bend but the severe back pain is gone.


Thank you very much for that 'metalback'. I havent actually met anyone who has had the surgery. My surgeon told me that it doesnt need fusion as the rest of the facets are fine. Apparently, if there is a problem with sciatica etc it is usually the L4/L5. Mine is lying at jaunty angle with the top sticking out through the musculature and the bottom digging into the spinal canal.

I find it worse when it is cold and I have problem knees too - too many years of exercising and keep fit classes. If I had known would I rather have been fatter - I am not sure.


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