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I've just about got over having some flu virus, but for the past week I've had a constant headache, been feeling sick, always tired and my fingers and feet are constantly cold, i googled that it could be anemia, so I've booked a phone appointment with my GP. He's never been very helpful in the past with my illness (WG) would it be wise to tell him that it most likely is anemia? I had the same symptoms before I was diagnosed 7 years go.

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You should ask him to arrange a blood test to confirm if it's anaemia. It's something that can easily be confirmed by blood test.

I was diagnosed with anaemia last year. My iron levels had been dropping for years, and reached a pretty catastrophic low level. My GP practice hadn't picked up on it, and it took the haemaetology lab phoning them to say "Look at her iron levels!".

I was prescribed 3 iron pills a day, but they didn't do as much as hoped, cos my bone marrow is very whacked by an awful lot of chemo drugs treating my cerebral vasculitis (3 immunosuppressives, as well as steroids). Under GP's orders I came off the iron pills to see how I coped, but I'm now back on them, though just 1 a day, to hopefully keep my levels just about ok.


I'm on dialysis, three times a week, I am given 'EPO', once a week and iron, when I need it. have you any kiney problems, might be worth checking! Let me (us) know, will you please?

Best wishes



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