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my scooter

I've started using my own scooter while out. I've decided that it's a positive step as -

I can be out for a bit longer;

I can get further;

the pain is less;

more quality time with friends as I'm not struggling to breathe/move/keep up;

I get to be out where life is going on;

I meet nice people who smile or pass a moment [eg "cold today"] or ask if I can reach;

I'm acknowledged as a person - not invisible, I exist!

I get to be independent.

I know there are negatives but they're the same as everyday when I'm on my crutch [es] so they aren't botherable [ I just made that word up! ]

try the scooters out in supermarkets first. I hope this might help someone.



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Hi Sandra

I've used a scooter for about 8 years now. My scooter is a Godsend. As you say, it allows me to do daily things on my own on my not so good days. I can go further and for longer and do things I wouldn't otherwise have the ability to do, like a day out at the seaside or city sightseeing trips.

It is a pain breaking it down to go in the car and then building it back up, but I don't do that. Parking it when you want to go in a cafe needs thought but people are usually quite understanding.

I know there are people who won't have a scooter, but if you can't walk or you are easily out of breath, then it does give you a much better quality of life.



I must admit I have been putting off the idea of a scooter. I didn't want to 'give in'. But now my breathing is troubling me so much it might be the answer. It would make getting to the village shops easier, but I do travel quite a bit by bus so I don't know if I'd use it enough.


many towns have "shopmobility" scooters, it costs about £10 a year.

I got a WAV - wheelchair adapted vehicle recently which allows me to run the scooter up the fitted ramp - I can't lift or dismantle a scooter.

I bought my scooters on ebay one small - thunderbird 4; one big - thunderbird 2;

although , maybe it should be 1 and the wav should be 2!




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