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Hearing Aids

I have Vasculitis .... GPA. First manifestation of this was 26 years ago as a major ear infection. I have since been on first name terms with a number of ear surgeons! My hearing was fairly badly affect (though has now stabilised).

About 4 years ago I was given TWO hearing aids by the local Audiology team. They halp greatly.

Yesterday, I read that Audiology was one of the areas taking more than its fair share of the cuts and that in a lot of areas it is no longer possible to get TWO hearing aids no matter what your situation.

SO, if you are in need, make an appointment sooner rather than later with Audiology!! You may just scrape in.

As if Vasculitis isn't a big enough challenge!!!

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I have shared this information on facebook too.. might follow this up and ask if we can get any more info for the next news letter.



Appointment times are apparently suffering too. Audiology is now seem to be 'optional' alongside hip and knee replacement surgery and, most definitely, cataracts! (I have experience of that too!)


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