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going out

My daughter booked to take me to the Harry Potter studio tour for my 60th birthday. We had to postpone it for a few months as I've been quite poorly. We went on Sunday. I was really worried as I can't walk for more than 5 mins and I thought I'd never last the day. I took it at my own pace, we sat whenever I needed to and we had the most wonderful time! And I had my photo taken riding a broomstick!

Yes I was a little tired for a few days afterwards but I'm so glad she encouraged me to go. It was well worth the effort!

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So pleased you had a such a lovely day... :-) taking things slowly and pacing yourself is so important. Vasculitis affects people in so many different ways. just take care

Susan :-)


Sounds like a lovely day


glad you had a nice day.




I agree with Susan about the importance of pacing yourself. Really pleased you enjoyed it and had such a good day :-)


This fatigue is a problem, I also worry when I am going anywhere how will I manage will my feet last out? its ok at home the sofa is only feet away but out doors is different.

Like you my family understand that I cant walk far but I cant help remembering the days when I could go on for hours without a rest. Ah Well


Glad you had a great day I now take my rollator, which is like a seat on wheels with me when I go out and then can stop and rest when and where I want it makes such a difference


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