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One step forward, one step back

Chemo 4 today...all was so far so good.

Today my leuko count was horrible; but hey they didn't sample urine until the cyclops was underway. More taken for analysis as there was red cell evidence and an alkali ph. I know a conversation was quietly held with my consultant too.

Today's cock up at day case? I was given the wristband of a 76 year old female, 33 years my senior and opposite sex. It was also "checked" twice when they put me on the MP and Cyclops infusion.

So left feeling worse than I arrived hmmmm

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Hi Wellsie,

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. If you actually resemble a 76 year old female then clearly your photo does not do you justice. They have just introduced wrist bands where I go for my cyclo infusions at QE Birmingham but it doesn't sound like they serve a useful purpose going by your experience. I’m on infusion number 8 with just two more to go hopefully. So far my worst experience was four attempts to fit a cannula by three different nurses. Fortunately needles don’t bother me, which is just as well if you are a vasculitis patient.

Hope the treatment is doing its job despite the unpleasant experience.



Dear Wellsie,

I'm sorry that things went so wrong, for you. I know that the 'cock up', that they made, seems rather silly, to say the least!! I just hope that it is all 'sorted' now.

Good luck anyway



it didnt impact on my care no, but it is frustrating to have 3 monumental balls up out of 4 treatments; something is fundamentally wrong with the staffing of that Day Unit; my only hope is that there is not a significant drug error there one day. Given my clinic is all methyl prednisolone, cyclophosphamide and riuximab, you have to wonder...


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