can't use keyboard? a solution

for those with problems using a keyboard on a pc. I use the on-screen keyboard.

On my pc I clicked :-


all programs



on-screen keyboard.

I can only use the mouse and 1 finger at the moment. if you use the minimize, not close function, it should stay on your toolbar for future use.



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  • This May be helpful. At our Headway group, for people with general 'brain injury' problems, we have quite a lot of 'helpful or 'adaptive' software; 'Dragon' that speaks what is typed, keybooards that are three different colours, and serveral different typs of mouse.

    A lot of the companies, that make these 'adaptions' often allow a 'Trial Period', for prospective buyers. Why not ask you never know!

    Good luck anyway


  • sounds like a good idea AndrewT

    thanks, sandra

  • Depending on your speech, have you tried a voice interface - speech rcognition programme?


  • I did about 15+ years ago. I was running thru the set-up, but my voice is too hoarse. I coughed and on the screen it interpretted as "I've had enough" which indeed was true!

    regards sandra

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