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Does anyone else feel rubbish in heavy weather?

I have been feeling swollen,achy, extremely fatigued and can't be bothered this last week. Hope it goes away soon.

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I personally find that atmospheric weather conditions can make a difference with ones well-being - mainly because of the pressure change.



i hate the warm weather now! Before my vasculitis i used to enjoy it.. now i spend most of the time in doors near a fan..fatigue leg weakness and at times tremors. went to addenbrookes yesterday so i will await to see blood results, routine appointment as four weeks after rituximab, Dr said it normally takes over 6 weeks to see any affect, Dr did say that the weather maybe causing me to drop my bloodpressure so advised to drink more and rest...


It is cold weather that makes me feel stiff and in pain. The warmer weather has the opposite affect. I had always assumed that the warmer weather was better for the joints (as most Rheumatics say as well) and the blood is thinner in the warmer weather together with the general psychological effect of seeing the sunshine.


John likes the warmth but not very hot or he becomes very tired. He hates the cold and really finds it hard to get warm again, if he really gets chilled. He finds the rain and heavy weather tiring mainly because he had a DVT in 2007 (caused by the WG) which left him with a leg that is quite a lot fatter than the other and it becomes swollen.


Thanks all.

I think it seems to be the atmospheric effect on me as I am not too bad in fresh warm weather. At least you can go in the shade! I feel I can't breath as well in humid conditions. It may be because I have fibrosis of the right lung due to Vasculitis.

I am also a bit stressed as I am due to have my blood tests Monday. Silly really. You would think I would be used to it by now. I am not worried about the test, just the results. Should be Ok though.


My lower blood pressure reading was 61 in the hot weather on tuesday. normally, it is perfect.


Dear LynneJ,

I find, as I have said in other 'Posts' that, the Hot weather, makes my Constipation- often a problem- much worse. The rain was a, very welcome, Blessed relief. Today, as it's been warm again for a few days, I'm straining again but, I did, 'Go'. (it was a Hard Job though)

The Very Cold weather can cause, my Rheumatoid Arthritis, to 'flare- it can 'lock' my finger(s). Too much, wet weather, whilst actually helping me to 'go' can cause a 'Colicky' pain. My favourite, and we just don't get enough of it, is Stormy Weather. I can 'Breathe', Move, Poo and Fart (and DO I?) If any weather, is going to give me, 'Lovely' Sticky Pants it's Heavy Rain, or a Beautiful Thunderstorm......Heaven! I might even, put on a 'Nappy', and Mess, and Wet, the bed- 'accidently' naturally (I wouldn't drink, about two pints of water, then forget to pee...Would I. As I said Bliss, total Bliss!).

I think that, generally speaking, Weather Extremes, don't do, any of us, much 'Good'. (My personal exception, to this, is, as I have already said, A Beautiful Thunderstorm!) I think that we ALL have, quite enough to 'put up with', without the Weather making it WORSE! Am I having a 'Bit Of A Rant' well, to be honest, actually YES! But only a 'BIT'.

I hope that, now we are approaching the Autumn, My Favourite time of year (especially September- the lovely Light- we can ALL, start to enjoy 'Going' again.)

On that Happy note, I'll close. Best wishes and Happy 'Poos' to all.



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