Still haven't heard from you

Dear John and Susan,

Some time ago a copy of the 'roadmap for vasculitis' was published and I asdked if i could have one for Headway Essex. The reply that i received was 'yes, can I Email your personaly' I have tried to contact you to say I don't aculaly KNOW you personal address, whithout much success. Headw Essex are still very much interested, in the 'roadmap' and, if you reply with an Email address, I can foward a postal address to send the 'roadmap' to.

I hope that this makes sense!

look foward to hearing from you


4 Replies

  • sorry Andrew it does make sense..we have been waiting for the next batch, will send one out as soon as we receive the postal address :-)

  • Thanks will send postal address on you email soon.


  • Hope that you got the address that i sent you yesterday, let me know if not.

    many thanks


  • can you send it again please Andrew.. I don't seem to see it I have received the one for Pat today. :-)

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