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Wanted Healthy people out there who are willing to take part in Dr Andrew McClean's research project Fatigue in ANCA Associated Vasculitis

They MUST be healthy (high BP or cholesterol is fine, but no major illness), white British, and as close to 60ish as possible. Andrew still wants more people who have vasculitis too, but his main focus at this moment, is getting as many healthy controls as possible. Please message me or send John an email if you know of someone or your son/daughter/partner/spouse has Vasculitis and you would like to take part in Andrew's research at the Birmingham University Hospital. Andrew is trying to cover all ages/enthic groups/male/female in his research but he has to match the Vasculitis patients with the healthy people age for age. female for female, male for male, enthnic origin for enthnic origin. Andrew is just falling short of healthy white 60ish year olds just at this moment but he will be looking for other groups as the research progresses.

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Yes I may be interested in helping on this I am am 60yrs of age and have no medical problems and are not on any medication, What does this involve if I take part?


Send me a private message with your email address and we will send you the details



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