Vasculitis UK

Two fantastic fundraising events this weekend for Vasculitis UK. In memory of Clare Grossman and Rupert Dickinson

Kevin Soper held a family disco at Homelands Stadium in aid of Vasculitis UK, Age UK and the Marlow Ward Trust Fund, In memory of Clare Grossman who died New Years Eve 2009 of Vasculitis. All Clare's family and friends miss Clare very much and have been taking part and still are taking part in various fundraising events. Kevin and the Family disco raised over £3000 to be shared between the three charities.

Fantastic day today at the Reading Half Marathon with the Dickinson family. 11 members and close friends took part in the marathon and they raised over £16,500 pounds for Vasculitis UK in memory of Rupert Dickinson who died September 2011 of Vasculitis. He was only 51 years old. It was really lovely to meet all the family and hear what a popular and loved guy Rupert was and how much he will be missed. x

On behalf of Vasculitis UK we just want to say thank you :-)


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