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Hi. I have GPA. Has anyone been diagnosed with Shingles following their Covid vaccinations.?

I just wondered if there was a connection. I developed Shingles within 2 weeks of my 2nd Astra vaccination

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I have read, that, Yes, there could be a connection -Several links, but definitive ...? New Side Effect From mRNA COVID Vaccines? | MedPage › covid19vaccine

2 days ago — Herpes zoster reactivation -- a.k.a. shingles -- following COVID-19 vaccination in six patients with comorbid autoimmune/inflammatory diseases ...

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ludo in reply to Ruadh

Many thanks for sending me the link Ruadh. It made for interesting reading.It appears the Covid vaccine can be a contributing factor in developing Shingles.

I shall certainly mention it to my consultation.

Thanks again

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Ruadh in reply to ludo

Did you read the comments section ? Many from doctors and several from an immunologist. Very interesting with several reported cases of shingles following Jabs / vaccines various ! bit of a minefield out there...

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ludo in reply to Ruadh

Yes, I did read some of the comments. All very interesting. There is an obvious correlation between the vaccine and shingles.

Just hope it doesn't set off my vasculitis as I'm currently in remission.

I couldn't read your last link. It came up with page unknown.

Many thanks for all your help in this.

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Ruadh in reply to ludo

The last link did the same for me, so out of interest I clicked on 'page not known' - voila. opened up. Was basically the same article, that also came up as 'page not known' ! Think the 'thought police' are at work scrubbing posts and sites wherever 'they' feel unsafe. heigh-Ho. I shall try again and see what happen <LOL>

Yes, same thing, so, clicked on the site name at the top, MedPage Today. It opened up. Scroll down for the 'Most Read', first item left-hand side. Think now it is possibly MedPage wanting people to sign - no doubt to throw ads out; help pay for their site !

Have fun digging -

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ludo in reply to Ruadh

Hi Ruadah, it's not letting me read any articles now without registering. It's gone off me! Never mind I did get to read that first article which I'm very grateful for.

Many thanks

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All reactions to the vaccine , even if it’s only your own experience, should be reported via the government yellow card system, this is the link. coronavirus-yellowcard.mhra... Your GP should also be informed so it is recorded in your clinical notes.

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ludo in reply to John_Mills

Many thanks for sending the link John. I was unsure whether I should inform them. I have done so now. I had informed my GP and was given medication for the shingles. It will be interesting to see if there is a correlation between the vaccine and Shingles. However I feel it's a small price to pay for protection against Covid.

Thank you for posting. I don’t do well with side effects and have had them from vaccines. But I’ve definitely had shingles and post herpatic neuralgia so I will definitely discuss this with my doctor. I don’t think I should get this one. I’ll just keep hiding.

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ludo in reply to TurtleWings

Sorry TurtleWings, I'm seemed to have replied to myself! Please see my post which was meant for you

Yes, do discuss it with your doctor they need to know. Also consider informing the yellow card system regarding side effects of any type of medication. John Mills suggested to me. My Shingles was fairly mild with a small rash and I had antiviral tablets within a couple of days which seems to have prevented it from getting worse.

It occurred within 2 weeks of the 2nd dose of the Astra Veneca vaccine. I've since learnt others had this. However, I felt it was a small price to pay if the vaccine prevents against Covid.

Good Luck with whatever decision you make.

Many thanks for your reply.

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