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Rituximab and PPE



I’m due to start my first infusion of Rituximab on 20th at Addenbrookes. This great forum has answered many of my questions around this treatment with the help of the search bar! One thing I’d like to ask... has anyone had this treatment during the pandemic and been told to wear face masks throughout the treatment? The thought of wearing a mask for the entire day pains me 😞

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My OH was asked to wear a mask for the infusion except for drinking and eating !! He has a comfortable mask and it did not seem to be a problem.

Good luck and stay safe

Mish-da in reply to Main1234

Thank you Main

Hi Main 1234 thanks for your reply.

Oh no one of my many issues is swelling & pain around my nose & sinuses which is exacerbated by wearing masks & becomes so uncomfortable. I’m a nurse myself so have many of these but have been working mostly from home so not needed to wear them often. Not sure if I can cope 6+ hrs of wearing one 😞

That is usual. Addenbrookes are excellent and will want to keep you safe!!

Mish-da in reply to AmyS1


If your nose is an issue discuss with them a visor maybe an option.

Mish-da in reply to AmyS1

Good idea 😉

Hi, I had 2 rituximab infusions recently, was in a room on my own, was notnrequired to wear mask during treatment. Hope you get on OK.

I have had this treatment about 4weeks ago. I am in Wales. Sorry to tell you I had to wear a mask until I left the hospital.

This is the expectation here as you enter the building. Every patient has a mask on.

Good Luck with your treatment. I hope it has good effects 🙂

Jo_V in reply to Jo_V

It’s usually a requirement because someone is meant to stay with you until the infusion is over.

Mish-da in reply to Jo_V

Thanks Jo

I have found the disposable masks easier to wear . Im going for my infusion next week so this post has been very interesting, best wishes 🌸

Mish-da in reply to weathervane

Good luck to you too weathervane!

Hi there. All good wishes for your treatment.

I received my first treatment on Friday past at Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. All the precautions were in place and the entire process was smooth , calm and I felt very safe . With much reduced number of patients and the ward being fully staffed the treatment could not have been better. Masks were worn by everyone . Only removing them briefly to take frequent drinks and the sandwich at lunchtime. Obs were taken every thirty minutes throughout with the dosage / rate being increased as all progressed well. A book/ audible / personal music made it a very relaxing . All good wishes.

Regards alan

Hi. I had mine on Good Friday, I was lucky and had a private room and only put the mask on when in contact with people

I had it done in June. During the infusion I only had to have a mask on when the nurses were dealing with me,. So only when someone had to change the infusion or when I was getting blood pressure checked etc.

Mish-da in reply to louise112

Oh really... interested to know where that was Louise?

louise112 in reply to Mish-da

Altnagelvin hospital in Derry, Northern Ireland. That was June this year. I had to wear the mask in the hospital and was allowed to take it off when I was in my chair. I was allowed to put it round my neck and when a nurse or doctor had to come near me I had to put it on... I hope it all goes well for you the rituxamab has really helped me. I have to go back December for another infusion...

Mish-da in reply to louise112

Thanks Louise.. good luck for your next infusion at the end of the year & hope it continues to do it’s Magic for you!!. 🤞it works well for me too

Yes, I am in San Antonio Texas.

My infusions ( two weeks apart, 6-8 hours each infusion done every four months ) always requires masks.

San Antonio Texas was a global hit spot in June, and now is ramping up again sadly. I am again in the middle of a set. ( oct 5 and 19th) .

The infusion nurses must wear them every minute of the day every day , as well as our doctors 😉.

You can slip down mask for a sip of your hot tea ( be sure to bring your thermos.) and sliced apples and rice cakes. And a blanket.

I’ve had two Rituximab infusions this year at Addenbrookes (April and September). The first one I wore a surgical mask all day and it did get sweaty, so I wore my own cloth one for the second infusion. That was much better. The chairs are quite spaced out now compared with before the pandemic. No visitors are allowed which makes the ward much quieter. It’s a long day so be sure to take a few things to do. I took my own water bottle which the nurses filled with cold water when I ran out, and my own thermos mug & a herbal tea bag, which they filled with hot water for me. Hope all goes well.

Mish-da in reply to ZiggyDiego

Great tips Ziggy thank you... particularly as you were at the same hospital I’m going to. Do they provide blankets if you get a bit nippy?


I have been managing MPA for about nine years now and am on my fifth Rituximab infusion.I had my last a few days before lockdown.

However I have been to the nephrology dept at Royal Free London frequently recently as I am being assessed for dialysis and transplant,They are pretty strict about entry with track and trace plus temperature checking.Masks must be worn at all times and people seem to be sticking to the rules.I presume for infusion the process would be the same although there have been few patients about .

Hope this helps.

artists in reply to gibson100

I was due to have an infusion at the royal free in September , but it was postponed . Do you know if they have reinstated them ? My appointment for check up is in a couple of weeks . Thank you .

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