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Vasculitis UK
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Vasculitis UK Website Google Analytics for November 30th to December 30th 2017 ( For those with an interest )

Nov 30th - Dec 30th 2017

23,413 Users

46,908 Pages Viewed

Average time - 2 mins viewing

75% Revisiting

25% New visitors

Top 5 Diseases Viewed

EGPA ( Churg Strauss Syndrome )

HSP ( Henoch Schonlein Purpura )

Uticarial Vasculitis

GPA ( Wegeners Granulomatosis )

GCA ( Giant Cell Arteritis )

Top 5 None Disease Type Pages Viewed

Frequently Asked Questions

Vasculitis Images

What is ANCA

Vasculitis Symptoms

Treating Vasculitis

Top 10 Countries Viewing

UK, US, Canada, India, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Philippines, Bangladesh

Total users from Jan 1st to Dec 30th 2017

Just over 268,000 users

76% Revisiting

24% New Visitors

Just under 719,500 pages viewed

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The website is a great help to fellow vasculitis patients I have learned more from here than nhs many thanks to all involved


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