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Flying with Mycophenolate and MPA


I have microscopic polyangiitis along with bronchiectasis. I am on the BLF forum but thought I would ask here. I need to travel for work abroad but was unsure if it was safe to do so with my illnesses and medication?

I currently take 5mg pred and 2000mg mycophenolate along with Lazoprazole for a hiatus hernia (Living the dream LOL)


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You need to talk to your consultant to see if they are happy with you travelling.

I have flown a lot with myco mof. It shouldn't be a problem, but you need to take your capsules in their original box or boxes plus a printed copy of your prescription from the doctors surgery.

Make sure you have adequate travel insurance. See

(I recommend Freedom by the way, for easy, quick online screening)

But to know if you are fit to travel you need to ask your consultant.


Thank you, I thought as much and have asked my GP.

Reason being is my consultant has retired, had no appointment since Feb and literally have no one to turn to.


Your GP should be able to help. Good luck!



I have had MPA for about 7 years now.During that time I have flown quite a lot.Mostly short haul in Europe and long haul to the States.My consultant has always said it is fine but try to avoid anywhere that needs injections(as they are not always effective with a rubbish immune system like ours ) and certainly never have any live injections (especially Yellow Fever).

It is best not to get complacent however.Because your immune system is weaker than normal folks with Vasculitis are susceptible to a variety of other stuff.I developed pneumonia last winer after a flight to Miami and staying in over air conditioned hotels.My consultant has now prescribed an emergency pack of heavy duty antibiotics which i keep in my suitcase just in case.

As ever make sure you have good travel insurance that will recognise MPA Vasculitis as a pre existing condition.And get it in writing!!!! Annual policies are usually best for this.


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