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British Society for Rheumatology Spring Conference April 2017

British Society for Rheumatology Spring Conference April 2017

John Lynn and myself have just returned from the 3 day Annual British Society for Rheumatology Spring Conference. I have to say it has been an amazing 3 days. Vasculitis was mentioned and talked about so many times I lost count!. The first Conference I went to, a few years ago it was hardly mentioned at all.

It was so busy for the whole 3 days. VUK had a stand at the conference and on on the first day I was terrified I would run out of information leaflets and booklets. 😳

Over 2000 doctors, specialist nurses and physiotherapists attended the conference. We talked to so many lovely doctors and nurses with a genuine interest in Vasculitis. I have made an album of photos for the fb support group with an explanation on each photo , just to give you an idea of what was discussed, research and interest. There will also be feedback in the VUK Autumn newsletter.

John Mills was asked to speak at the conference and his presentation was one of the 20 sessions filmed by the BSR. 😊

This is just one slide for now, I was so impressed with the enthusiasm and motivation of some of the speakers, especially for rare diseases. 😊

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