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Headache that will not budge

Hi all, I have had a headache since last Friday, pounding across my forehead. It eases with paracetamol every 4 hours but doesn't go. Think it came on due to reduction of pred from 8 to 7, however was upped to 10 and still there, then upped to 25mg for the past 3 days and still will not ease. I also have random blood blisters occurring, 2 on my toes and one on my forehead. Have blood in urine, kidney stones ruled out. Blood in urine again 2 days ago that has been sent for culture, awaiting results. Any ideas?

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Dear Debra

The symptoms you describe definitely need urgent medical attention and should not be ignored .

It sounds as if you are getting this but if they worsen you should definitely. E proactive in seeking help

Good Luck



What type of vasculitis do you have? How are things today?


Blood blisters are a sign of active disease. The ones I get start as sores that look like an infection is starting around my finger nails mainly, but is actually inflammation. These areas then develop into almost black areas of blood blisters.

upping my prednisolone didn't help but taking methotrexate did.

I also suffered excruciating headaches, partially from sinus problems but it was higher on my head than that, keeping my head warm helped as did pain killers but nothing took the pain away permanently. Once again much improved with change of meds.

I have GPA and take 5mg preds and methotrexate (was on much higher dose preds but methotrexate helping so reducing dose).

Please seek medical help from whoever manages your care plan, this needs checking out.


Thank you for your replies. I have cutaneous vasculitis but many other symptons. My blood works has never shown an elevated esr or Crp however my white cells have been high for approx 2 years. I am currently on 2g cellcept, 15mg pred and have today been prescribed maxim. Headache is still there but has eased a little. Bp was 163/103. Have an Mri of brain scheduled for Tuesday


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