Cerebral Vasculitis in Australia

I live in Australia which has a population of 24 million and the stats say Cerebral Vasculitis is 1-2 per million so there could be 24 of us in Australia with it. I also have Testical Cancer which is the rarest form of cancer in males and type 2 Bladder and Bowell Cancer. So I'm just trying to find someone else that has all these sickness's.

So I just trying to find someone in Australia or the World that has all these Rare and Life threatening diseases at the same time

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  • Sorry to hear about all your sicknesses. I think you must be very rare indeed! Where about in Australia are you?

  • Down the bottom in South Australia. I've been here all my life and love it

  • Hi Phil...i have a cns involvement in my vasculitis..not sure yet if it is neuro behcets or cns vasculitis...and I am in Queensland...where are you?

  • Hi Phil , interesting if I am correct there seems to be more suffers who live in the warmer parts of the world. Take care kind regards Lorraine 👌 🙂

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