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Hi, I thought this year might have been better but I got off to a bat start. I was rushed into hospital with Sepsis. The cause is appendicitis. I was vomiting and not making any sense. My blood pressure was low. I am very lucky my wife rang 999 when she did. The paramedics and hospital staff where amazing even though it was Saturday morning at 3am they saved my life I could not have been treated better. I had 8 days in hospital. I am a Vasculitis sufferer. They stopped my AZA 200mg and many of the other medications I am on. I have to have my appendix out in about 6 weeks when the inflammation has settled. I have probably had this coming on for a while but not noticed it because of the pain medication I was on. Paracetamol and codine 4 times a day. One to watch out for I think. Jarvis

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Wow! You have a great partner to care for you. So glad it all turned out well for you. Take best care.

Lucywhiton in reply to purvis64

Thanks for that. She`s the best.

You are very lucky, 2 years ago I had sepsis too from a chest infection, I had mof as a result (my lungs). Good luck!

I think so too. I have constant chest pain that's why I take a lot of pain relief medication. They have not been able to tell me why I have chest pain. I've had over 2 weeks in hospitals and every test you could have, but no positive response as to whats causing it. The funny thing is it is not nearly as bad after leaving hospital. I've cut my pain relief meds down to just once a day. Has the antibiotics I had directly into my veins or the fluid drip with was on for 16 hours helped. I am back on my usual meds now and the pain does seem to be getting slightly worse. ?. I am at Addingbrooks in Cambridge in two weeks Ill ask the specialist. Jarvis

Rita83 in reply to Lucywhiton

I have intermittent chest pain which my GP said was costochondritis. She does not know what causes it so I try to relax until it goes away.

Don't know if this is any help.


Hi Rita, Mine started last January, I thought it was a chest infection or a flair up of my microscopic vasculitis. My rheumatologist upped my steroids to 60mg and the aza to 200mg. I was on that dose for about 6 months but no change. I've tried relaxing I even wake up in the middle of the night and have to take pain meds. I've had my illness for around 10 years but only had chest pains for about a year. Jarvis

Rita83 in reply to Lucywhiton

Hi Jarvis,

I've had CSS for 28 years and, after treatment at St. Thomas's I was eventually in remission and on a dose of only 1mg prednisolone daily. Then about 5 years ago I had a relapse but at present I am back down to 25mg azathioprine and 2.5mg prednisolone, Obviously your vasculitis is worse than mine.

I have a lot of nerve pain in various parts but the chest pain is only occasional and I have never been treated for it. I do sympathise with you and hope you will find some improvement soon. Rita

Lucywhiton in reply to Rita83

Thankyou for your concern Rita. I hope you are coping okay. Jarvis.

Dear Lucy,

Yes some medications can 'mask' symptoms-definitely one to watch. Codeine is drug that, although very effective, I don't like much-it makes my muscles ache afterwards (and makes me constipated to boot).

Azathioprine, which I was on for almost fifteen years, I actually had no problems with. I am now on Tacrolimus, MMF, Prednisolone and other drugs-following a Kidney Transplant, in July 2013.

I'm glad that the Sepsis was 'picked up', quite quickly, as the consequences of NOT doing so are dire! At least THAT went right, for you.

Is it too early to wish you Happy Easter? Thought not...Happy Easter Lucy.

Kind wishes AndrewT

Lucywhiton in reply to AndrewT

hope you are feeling well. I do feel lucky I may do the lottery. My Kidneys failed and I had fluid on both lungs. Amazing how they turned all that around in a week. Happy Easter to you too. Regards Jarvis.

The chest pain is back I also am getting pain from the area of my appendix. I am due to have these out soon. I wonder if it is the Aza that is causing the chest pain ?. I've been off them for 2 weeks while in hospital and the first week at home. I actually thought the pain was going completely and didn't need pain relief. It now coming back with a vengeance. Well back to the Paracetamol and Codine.

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