North West Water Supply Infection

North West Water Supply Infection

Folk in the Blackpool, Preston and Chorley areas will no doubt already be aware of the problem with infection in their water supply.

By and large the Cryptosporidium parasite is just an unpleasant infection however it can be more serious for people like us who are immunocompromised. Those of you in the North West on immunosuppresive drugs should take extra care to boil any drinking water and take the advice being given locally.

There's a link here that you might also find useful :

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  • Thank you for providing the above link. I live in Preston and found the information most useful.

  • I bet people are "outraged" by this blunder (posh folks in Chorley for example)? I couldn't quite work out if my area might be affected or just outside the affected area based on the map. How on earth parasite ended up in our drinking water? Thank you for sharing, Richard.

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