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Pain in back

Hi just a bit of advice needed really. I have mpa and only have 2 more cyclophos to go. Just had first day back at work and needed to help support someone in a hoist. Since then I've had this terrible pain in my right side towards the back. I've also had a lot of abdomen pain for the last 3 days which feels like my ulcers have returned with a vengeance. So just wondering if it's related and possibly a coincidence. Has anyone else experienced this. Thanks

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I am not totally sure you should have returned to work just yet, you seem to have quite a "manual" job and it could add extra stress on your body while having the infusions. I should discuss all you have said above with your doctor who treats you for your vasculitis


I do agree about going back to work but finances dictate that I need to unfortunately.

I'm seeing gp this afternoon so will see what she thinks the pain might be.


I have mpa.Before I was diagnosed one of the first symptoms was muscle pain which came on after heavy lifting.This moved around my body in a strange way?One day in my back,next in my arms then in my shoulders and so on.

My consultant later said this is often a symptom of mpa.

It sound to me like your vasculitis my still be active.Cyclo is used to stun your immune system into behaving .Whilst you are having treatment you shouldn't assume you are in remission.I suggest you pace yourself and take it easy.Dont forget that MPA is a life threatening condition potentially.My consultant said that rest is excellent medicine.

I would suggest you call your consultant ASAP with your symptoms.


I've been feeling a bit better since yesterday but on Friday the day after my cyclo I was sick and the pain in my back was horrendous. Like I say though feeling better now. I have taken stock of things though and am going to slow down. I have to go back to work because of finances but am on phased return. I have been off for a year due to being badly assaulted at work last July. 3 vertebrae in my neck were permanently damaged and just as I began to regain movement in my neck I began coughing up the blood which subsequently led to the bombshell of vasculitis. I didn't want to go down the route of compensation but have decided to go ahead anyway. I think that will give me a financial cushion should I not be able to continue my role at work. I should mention the assault also left me with permanent nerve damage in my right arm, to say it's been a rough old year is an understatement.


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