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Hospital life style

If there's anyone who has to go into hospital for the first time and isn't sure what to expect,I mite be able to give them an idea of what a patient should expect in hospital as I've been in several hospitals for long periods,so I know what its like from a patients point of view about the docs,nurses and other employees in hospital and some of the medical info,re ops,blood tests,what the food is like in different hospitals and the docs and nurses,these are just my observations,I'm not a qualified doc or nurse,I also know about complaints procedures,I'm down as Ellie smith,but Ellie is my cats name,I'm a male for info,I also have information if you or anybody else you know has problems with drugs and alcohol and what is available to help them,many years ago I had these issues,I've been clean for 20 years now,so there is help available,but you have to want to give it up.I have done counsiling for these issues

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Thank you for this post, but I think, sadly, many in the group have lots of experience of being patients in hospitals and attending many hospital appointments.

What type of vasculitis have you been diagnosed with?

Best wishes



Dear Ellie,

I tend to agree with Susan here, I doubt that there are many-if any-members who have not had hospital visits 'up their!'

Since you are named after your cat, is she lovely-is that why you chose it?

Anyway thanks for the offer. To quote an old School Master, of mine, from years back 'I'll put it in my poach and look at it when I need to'.

Thanks again,



Haven't we just, Andrew!! Anyway, hospitals do vary tremendously, from cottage hospitals to huge city ones. I know which I prefer :)


Ellie is a percian Burmese chinchila,white with small streaks of she is the love of my life,I definitely love her more than my ex wife,ta for your reply

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I think I sent to the wrong post,I did say that Ellie is absolutely georgeos,white,streaks of lilac Burmese chinchila thanks for the reply and I guess we've all been in hospital more than we like


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