Vasculitis Education Day at Imperial College

Back home after a trip down to London today. Privileged to be invited along to another post grad vasculitis education day at Imperial College.

Really interesting talks and updates on current clinical research. Prof Raashid Luqmani spoke about the assessment of activity and damage in ANCA vasculitis and Dr Philp Ind spoke about vasculitis and the lung which was very interesting.

I'll write a piece up about these talks and others for the next newsletter.

2 Replies

  • Fantastic, RichardE. Looking forward to your piece. I did not realise Prof Luqumani was part of Imperial College. May I pm you later? Many thanks x

    Best wishes,

  • No, you're right, Prof Luqmani isn't part of Imperial, he's based in Oxford.

    But Imperial are really pushing themselves as a centre of expertise for vasculitis and are able to attract speakers from far and wide to come and talk to post grads, clinicians and scientists from all over the London area.

    I've been lucky enough to be invited to a few of these meetings now and they've covered a really wide range of types of vasculitis. The talks and case studies always generate some fascinating discussions between the clinicians. It's just great as a patient to hear these experts talk easily and enthusiatically to one another about research and treatment for vasculitis.

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