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Eye test

I had an eye sight test as my sight in one eye went blur in about 6 months form having perfect vision so off I went to the local well know optician.I was told my left eye had deteriorated through my age 56 and meant for the first time ever I need glasses so I accepted the findings.I month later I experienced the same problem with my left eye and went back `this` time to be told I have cataracs on the left eye about 10 years worth?I said this was not mentioned at the time of my first testing? and their Director said at that time its was not worth mentioning? so i spent £££s on glasses that are of no use to me.

I should not have gone to S........S because it saved me nothing.

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I'd have it checked out by your hospital eye clinic - my vision declined quickly in one eye and it was the vasculitis attacking the back of the eye, even though there was no pain or redness.


I use my local Boots Opticians, they are wonderful. have you one near you? I've never tried the one that stops you shearing a dog!

Best wishes AndrewT


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